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Catholic Young Writer Award 2020

Catholic Young Writer Award 2020

The winners of the 2020 Catholic Young Writer Award – presented annually by the Catholic Union Charitable Trust – are:

Elizabeth McAllister of Mayfield School, East Sussex


Vyvyan Ogenna Okoro of Our Lady and St Chad Academy, Wolverhampton

They share a joint cash prize of £50 (£25 each) plus book prizes and commemorative cups.

The Award was launched over twenty years ago by the Catholic Writers’ Guild of England and Wales and as the numbers of schools involved expanded, it was taken over by the Catholic Union Charitable Trust. This year, participants were invited to write about the importance of attending Sunday Mass. They were expected to show evidence of having studied the relevant Scriptures and sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

“The number of entries was obviously small this year because of the schools closing – said Award organiser Joanna Bogle “But we had some entries of a good standard and Vyvyan and Elizabeth produced really fine work. Some runner-up prizes have been awarded as well and have been posted to various schools.”

Our thanks go to Joanna Bogle for her hard work on this valuable project.