Catholic Social Teaching

James Bogle
James Bogle Chairman

Welcome to the website of The Catholic Union Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No 1137317), the charitable arm of the Catholic Union of Great Britain.

The Catholic Union Charitable Trust (CUCT) will offer seminars and open discussions to showcase Catholic social action and Catholic social teaching, including education and moral responsibilities in today’s secular world.  The Trust will build on the established provenance, capabilities and support of the existing Catholic Union membership, as well as developing partnerships with other interested bodies. The aim of the CUCT is to offer a Catholic response to current issues and so to promote the Common Good.

In order to undertake this important work, I would like to ask you for three things.  Firstly, please do let others know about the Catholic Union Charitable Trust.  We are a national organisation and are very keen that this should be well established at parish level as well as having a formal structure.  Secondly, I would encourage you to submit any thoughts or ideas you might have – perhaps on topics you would like to see covered.  Thirdly, I would ask you to consider supporting the work of the CUCT financially, in order that we can develop the scope and reach of our activities.  As a charity, we are able to make use of Gift Aid, so making your gift go further at no cost to you.  Further details are available on the donations section of the site.

Finally, thank you for your interest in and support of the Catholic Union Charitable Trust.  With your help, we can continue to offer public engagement for the Common Good.

James Bogle, Chairman